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The Wagner Complex


Tom Artin, of Sparkill, NY, has been kind enough to send me a copy of his book The Wagner Complex: Genesis and Meaning of The Ring (Free Scholar Press 2012).  It is an interpretation of the characters and action of the Ring through a Freudian lens, and it has been an interesting though challenging read. I became prejudiced and close-minded […]

Management is to Censorship as Competence is to Nonsense


Two recent and independent events – Peter Gelb’s misguided and short-lived effort to muzzle bad reviews in the house organ Opera News and the cancellation of an announced concert of Wagner’s music at Tel Aviv – have raised principles that ought to be separate, but are too often conflated.  Let’s distinguish “managing an international arts organization” […]

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The Wagner Blog is a forum for discussion of contemporary themes arising from the works of Richard Wagner. Discussions relating to Wagner’s musical, literary, theatrical, philosophical, political and theoretic work are all appropriate for this forum.

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