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Angel Neumann’s “Recollections”


I knew the name Angelo Neumann only as an impresario who had arranged the European train tour of the Ring Cycle in 1881-83.  I was delighted to read his Personal Recollections of Wagner (Schirmer 1915, Livermore trans.) and discover what an interesting life he led. Neumann started off as a performer of some accomplishment.  Indeed his first encounter with Richard Wagner occurred in 1862 in...

English Translations and the Trap of Presentism


I recently acquired a volume, published in 1877 by Schott and Co. of London, of a translation into English of Wagner’s Ring by Alfred Forman.  The title page brags that the translation is “in the alliterative verse of the original,” which bodes ill. And one need not venture far into the book to have one’s worst fears realized.  Wotan to Loge, Scene 2 of Rheingold: The hoop to have with me Hold I...

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