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Fliegende Höllander in Leipzig


Considered as a precursor to Tristan, Meistersinger and Parsifal, Der fliegende Höllander is easy to marginalize or even dismiss.  Considered as the next work after Rienzi, however – as we are invited to do at the Leipzig Wagner 22 festival – it is nothing less than astonishing. Gone is much of the evident structure of opera – recitative leading to aria, pleasing musical ensembles, finales that...

Bayreuth’s Dutchman: Crating Fans


There is a great deal of excitement in Der fliegende Holländer.  The overture is one source.  If you ever doubted Franz Lachner’s remark that “the wind blows out at you wherever you open the score,” the truth will be confirmed in the first minute of Christian Thielemann’s vivid conducting.  Fresh sound soars out of the invisible pit, […]

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