Parsifal with the Laughs


The gifted actress Katarina Dalayman took time off from her performing, teaching, coaching and all of her other responsibilities to join the “Singers Roundtable” at the Wagner Society’s seminar on Sunday.  We were discussing Kundry when she made the following very interesting points (my summary, not hers): Here we have someone who, for her sin, is condemned […]

Parsifal: Musical DNA


A subscriber writes: Since its premiere in 1882, countless thousands of words have been written about the meaning of Wagner’s most challenging work, Parsifal. The text has been scrutinized and analyzed by devotees and detractors alike. These discussions are nearly always fascinating, often confusing, and occasionally ill-informed, and to their number I am certainly unequal […]

Wagner’s Art, Wagner’s Anti-Semitism


In his recent book, Sorcerer of Bayreuth, Wagner expert Barry Millington comes down hard on Wagner the anti-Semite.  He rejects the “misapprehension that Wagner’s anti-Semitism is like a superfluous integument that can be peeled away from his oeuvre without leaving a trace, when in fact it is so intrinsic to his aesthetic that it is no […]

Parsifal, Schopenhauer, Abnegation and Redemption


It being Karfreitag, I’m about to settle in to a sweet four hours or so of Parsifal.  This time I’m going audio-only, dipping back into the recording from which I learned the piece in 1968, the Knappertsbusch 1951 Bayreuth. Listening to Parsifal on Good Friday is a tradition upon which many — including Wagner, I […]

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