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NY Wagner Society Seminar February 5


The Wagner Society of New York is holding its renowned annual seminar on Sunday afternoon February 5.  Wagnerians come from all over to this event every year, where they mingle with fellow enthusiasts, learn really good stuff from some of the world’s experts, pick up cool books, DVDs and CDs, and meet some of their favorite singers, […]

Documentary on Jay Hunter Morris


Just in time for the premiere of the new production of Götterdämmerung at the Met, PBS has offered a brief, charming mini-documentary on Jay Hunter Morris’ last-minute preparations for performing Siegfried last Fall. (See this blog’s report of that performance here.) It is a charming account, full of delight and backstage wonder.  The film starts […]

Warum Bayreuth?


My absolute favorite Wagner site on the Internet is The Wagnerian.  I admire it beyond praise, and one day would seek to emulate it.  But the author’s dedication, erudition and, one must conclude, available hours exceed my own by such a degree that I simply include the blog in my daily subscriptions on Google Reader and lap it all […]

N.A. WagSocs to Bayreuth: Sprich es ist nicht so!


Led by Nathalie Wagner, long-time President of the Wagner Society of New York, a group of 14 Wagner Societies from North America have sent an impressively coordinated letter to the Administrative Board of the Festival asking it to reconsider its recently announced change of policy regarding allottting tickets. The letter (which appears in full below) is […]

Beautiful 1913 Wagner BioPic Released on DVD


In 2006 I viewed a full-length silent film by German filmmaker Carl Frölich titled The Life and Works of Richard Wagner.  It featured an astounding performance by actor/composer Giuseppe Becce.  Now, praise the heavens, a version of the film has been released and is available for purchase on DVD. The film had previously been shown at […]

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