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Just in time for the premiere of the new production of Götterdämmerung at the Met, PBS has offered a brief, charming mini-documentary on Jay Hunter Morris’ last-minute preparations for performing Siegfried last Fall.

(See this blog’s report of that performance here.)

It is a charming account, full of delight and backstage wonder.  The film starts out with Mr. Morris’ arriving at the stage door for the dress rehearsal and getting lost trying to find the cafeteria.  He ends up in the orchestra pit.

The short film can be found here and is strongly recommended.  As Morris says, it’s a long journey from Paris, Texas, to the stage of the Metropolitan Opera in New York.  We’re glad you made the trip!


  • Jay Hunter Morris was my first Siegfried, and I have to say, he blew me away. I remember when the press releases came out saying that he would be taking over the role, and so was prepared to cut him some slack, but he absolutely blew me away. Add to that his humility and sense of humor, and I was definitely cheering at the end.

  • jay hunter morris i have not seen or heard not until i saw him on the siegfried and gotterdammerung he is one of my 2nd favorite tennior opera singer i love him . he kind reminds me of ms .

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