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A subscriber announces the February publication of “Benjamin’s RingThe Story of Richard Wagner’s ‘The Ring of the Nibelung’ for Young Readers”, © 2012, written by Roz Goldfarb and with drawings by Geoffrey Moss. Please view the website for a preview of the content and drawings –

This unique book is the first to speak to today’s child of 10 – 14 and probably to many adults. Benjamin’s Ring tells the enduring story of Richard Wagner’s four opera cycle, “The Ring of the Nibelung” as it is seen through Benjamin’s eyes and written for today’s young readers who enjoy action and adventure tales. Utilizing many of Wagner’s original stage directions and his libretto, Ben’s mother narrates the story and, importantly, answers Ben’s questions. She also explains why Wagner’s music is world famous and how opera can be a total theatrical experience for people of any age.

Roz Goldfarb said, “According to my research nothing like this has ever been published before. It’s my hope that it will offer the “Harry Potter/ Lord of the Rings”/fantasy game playing audience another challenging story and build interest in opera.”

Deborah Voigt and Michelle DeYoung previewed the manuscript and wrote:

“I found Benjamin’s Ring to be an engaging and charming re-telling of Wagner’s Ring Cycle libretto.”

Deborah Voigt, International Operatic Soprano

“Benjamin’s Ring” is a wonderful introduction into the world of Wagner’s Ring cycle. It is entertaining and informative. I would recommend it for kids that enjoy fantastical stories, but also for anyone preparing to see the Ring for the first time. The illustrations by Geoffrey Moss are beautiful, and the perfect accompaniment to the story”.

Michelle DeYoung, 3 Time Grammy Award Winning Classical and Operatic Mezzo-Soprano

“Benjamin’s Ring” is in paperback @ $12.99 and has over 20 extraordinary black and white drawings by Geoffrey Moss. It is published by Roz Goldfarb Creative Ventures. A copy of the cover is attached.

Contact Roz Goldfarb for more information at, or, or call 646-580-2895.

Roz Goldfarb Creative Ventures
New York

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