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That D-Flat Theme….


The re-entry of a particular theme at the end of Götterdämmerung — heard only once before, in Act III of Die Walküre — has moved listeners and puzzled analysts since 1876.  The entire Ring Cycle closes with this theme, in D-flat (the same key as Wotan’s greeting Vahalla in Das Rheingold).  Early commentators labeled it […]

1813 Wagner and Verdi


A subscriber advises as follows: Fellow Wagnerians I’ve just discovered and ordered a new title on Wagner & Verdi, entitled ‘1813 Wagner and Verdi’ by an australian author, Peter Bassett. The author has a website which is worth checking out Pat

New YouTube Channel on NY Wagner Society Events


The Richard Wagner Society of New York is the largest Society in North America.  For years it has offered U.S. Wagnerians opportunties “to learn, to teach, to share,” as its motto goes.  Now it has established a site on YouTube that permits Wagnerians around the world to delight in some of its many offerings. The site […]

The Wagner Blog

The Wagner Blog is a forum for discussion of contemporary themes arising from the works of Richard Wagner. Discussions relating to Wagner’s musical, literary, theatrical, philosophical, political and theoretic work are all appropriate for this forum.

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