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Seattle Ring — Part 2


The second half of the Seattle Ring was cause for more reserved admiration.  The scenic wonders continue,d but to a great extent repeated themselves, as sets were re-purposed from the first two works, resulting in some interest but much more disappointment.  And the performances, while vocally very strong, seemed to hit dead-ends in their characterization. […]

Seattle Ring — Part 1


Halfway through the Ring at the Seattle Opera, there is nothing to report but bliss. The settings are lushly romantic but at the same time not clichéd or illustrative. Great handsome vistas, massive rocks, gnarled tree limbs, impenetrable forests — they invite you to lose your bearings and enter into a world of mythical creatures […]

McVicar’s Glyndebourne Meistersinger


I treat myself pretty well when it comes to attending Wagner performances.  But in 2011, when I had a ticket to see Gerald Finley perform Hans Sachs at Glyndebourne, I just couldn’t afford the ticket, the flight over, the hotel, the time to do it, or even maybe the bananas and grapes during the interval.  So […]

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