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Alex Ross on Wagner’s Influences on Our World


Jeannie Williams is a crackerjack thinker, a hardworking writer, and an indefatigable proponent of things operatic and, particularly, Wagnerian.  Jeannie kindly allowed me to share her informal report on a recent presentation by New Yorker music critic Alex Ross:

That D-Flat Theme….


The re-entry of a particular theme at the end of Götterdämmerung — heard only once before, in Act III of Die Walküre — has moved listeners and puzzled analysts since 1876.  The entire Ring Cycle closes with this theme, in D-flat (the same key as Wotan’s greeting Vahalla in Das Rheingold).  Early commentators labeled it […]

Tracing a Motif Through the “Ring”


In his book, Wagner’s Ring: A Listener’s Companion & Concordance, J.K. Holman attaches an Appendix that stands as tribute to our inexhaustible admiration for Wagner’s storytelling through music.  Holman follows a single motif from its first appearance in the first scene of Rheingold through the entire Ring, to its final appearance in the final scene of the […]

Wagner and “Mickey-Mousing”


Jeongwon Joe and Sander L. Gilman have edited a 475-page tome on Wagner & Cinema, a bushel-basket of essays by a host of contributors on topics so wide-ranging that there’s guaranteed to be something to stimulate (and to something to bore) you. There’s stuff on Fritz Lang but also on Mildred Pierce.  Discussions of Nazism […]

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