New YouTube Channel on NY Wagner Society Events


The Richard Wagner Society of New York is the largest Society in North America.  For years it has offered U.S. Wagnerians opportunties “to learn, to teach, to share,” as its motto goes.  Now it has established a site on YouTube that permits Wagnerians around the world to delight in some of its many offerings. The site […]

Documentary on Jay Hunter Morris


Just in time for the premiere of the new production of Götterdämmerung at the Met, PBS has offered a brief, charming mini-documentary on Jay Hunter Morris’ last-minute preparations for performing Siegfried last Fall. (See this blog’s report of that performance here.) It is a charming account, full of delight and backstage wonder.  The film starts […]

Siegfried at the Met


Siegfried is often termed the scherzo of the Ring – the light and playful internal movement of a great symphony.  Each time I have the privilege to see it, though, I leave quite shattered – hardly the response to a scherzo.  The performance at the Metropolitan Opera on October 27, 2011, had this effect and […]

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